Very nice to meet you. I am Shawna. Call me an artist, a beach rat, a believer in karma and positive thinking. I smile a lot and wear my feelings on my sleeve, and probably talk too much at times. I am a warm chips, chunky salsa and creme brulee, just to name a few naughty treats. I love nature and all it offers us. I appreciate the beauty of a spectacular sunset, rolling golden hills and thundering waves as they hit the sand. These settings are my backdrops. The setting sun my flash, and the clouds a beautiful filter making what comes through my lens a wash of soft, making natural light fantastically magic.

I have an obsession with Weimaraners which has led to rearing litters of rescue puppies and fostering neglected Weims who needed a human mother. The name Bleudog comes from this love, inspired by my devoted blue Weim who stole my heart, and forever will be my boy in heaven. I live with two now, they are my shadows, and were involved in an intense love affair. We have a good thing going on despite them hogging every square inch of bed, frequent disputes with not so friendly skunks and tracking mud into the house on a regular basis. I put up with their goofy antics and bad manners maybe because they are beautiful and intelligent creatures. Yes folks, beauty wins, even if youre a dog.  

I continually look for the good, stay positive and live a simple life in San Clemente, Southern Orange County's hidden gem, where the sea is my backyard and the sun shines continually on my little blue beach cottage. Ive started a succulent collection, I'm learning how to live without a garage and am working on a major renovation of my home. Im determined to use as many salvaged items as I can, and Craigslist is my idea of fun shopping. Life is good. 

I make shooting fun, and the process an experience you will never forget. I love and appreciate my clients so much they become my forever friends. I would love to share all of this with you, preserve your most amazing life events and solidify them forever to be adored. My favorite aspect of all of this might be portraiture, and the study of the human face. The photographing of people doing the things they love and participating in life changing events I take very personally. I get to capture it all, participate in the process, and pour my soul into every image.

Id love to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have. Shoot me an email in the contact section and we can talk! I very much look forward to chatting!