Baby boy

So I have a way I like to photograph. It might be a ritual, or a vision. I know what I want. I know what Im looking for in an image. It becomes an experience for me and I have definite ideas about how I capture whats in front of me. It becomes an event, maybe even a spiritual event and I want it documented a certain way. It might be an art...a very sacred art and I take it seriously. Especially newborn sessions. I want them as natural as possible, capturing the true essence of what this new spirit has brought into the world. A once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for the parents. When you think about it, its a big deal. I want to capture the little smiles and tender touches. The tiny new feet and the sleepy downy head. If only I could bottle the sweet smell of a that would be a trick! I want to capture the quiet a newborn brings and the complete vulnerability of this child, so miraculously brought into this world. Im not much into props and elaborate settings, but rather the simple existence of this newborn sent straight from God...quite literally. Its a beautiful thing, and I want to capture it well, usually in Momma's bed. This session, taken with a dear friend of mine (and quite amazing fashion blogger/attorney/momma/wife/wonder woman) who I shoot often was absolutely perfect. Her bright white, linen bed was a perfect backdrop, as was a few neat blankets she had acquired. I have documented her whole pregnancy, which she wore extremely well...then this highly anticipated shoot where we captured him on his 7th day. This sweet baby slept through the entire thing. Why I shoot their sleepy little self can relax through the whole shoot. We don't want a stressed out babe for his first time with the camera.

I wish you well, little are lucky to have the mother you have, a bright ray of sunshine in a sometimes dismal world. Your daddy and sister will stand by you as well. You are fortunate, sweet little your mother, like she loves you. Treasure this love like no other. However, you will never truly know this love until you have a little one of your own.