Pretty in Purple

When I was approached by this couple to possibly take their wedding photos I might have been in awe of the sheer utter beauty they possessed. Between the two of them, they were a visual dream come true. When we took engagements on the beach, they waltzed their way through the shoot effortlessly, extremely photogenic, but obviously so taken with each other as they shared glances and sweet kisses. While she was unbelievably stunning, he was just as handsome in his own masculine way. They were a match made in heaven, quite literally. Now as beautiful as they were, they might have been more gorgeous on the inside as their warm and sweet personalities shone as we exchanged hugs and well wishes in anticipation of their wedding day where I would be documenting it all. Fast forward to wedding day...a glorious sunny southern California day in Oxnard, at a grand beachfront resort. Their vows were taken on the shore with close family and friends in attendance, maids dressed in purple carrying bouquets in all shades of lavenders, pinks and whites. Inside the ballroom the cake was the showpiece, decorated as Tana always had dreamed. It was spectacular. Dinner, dancing and lots of champagne flowed as the celebration continued through the night. A sparkler send off always fun for me, as I love the warm light it gives off, and the candid smiles it always brings. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Davis...two of the most beautiful people I know. I wish you a lifetime of happiness...and Im looking forward to the baby Davis' who I will get to photograph!