I love a man in a uniform

When I first met this couple, it came out that he was a Marine and stationed at Camp Pendelton. My first question was, "are you wearing your dress blues?" (coming soon, a blog post about lots of dress blues on Coronado Island-stay tuned.) The excitement I had to capture these two was there, and I wanted to make sure their day was perfectly documented. I was impressed by his enthusiasm for his work, and also his desire to serve his country. You see, sometimes I cry when I see men in uniforms sacrificing themselves, doing things so incredibly brave and selfless. Yes, I might have a soft spot for pilots especially, since my dad flew in WW2. I know a man, close to my heart who flew F-14 Tomcats and might tell a really good story about flying low into Libya in the dead of night...pretty positive he would die on that mission. These kind of men melt me. So when I met Heath and his bride to talk about their wedding, his bright blue eyes and his "yes m'am" might have sealed the deal. His darling, bubbly bride with a southern accent was his perfect companion, and I was happy to capture their most special day with my photography. They chose a rural venue in San Marcos, California complete with a big red barn and horses grazing in the background. They wanted it relaxed and fun, with all of their friends invited to share in the festivities, complete with world famous Phil's BBQ, plenty of beer and all the country music you can handle! Lets just say there was a lot of dancing...and red cups! The day was sweet and filled with family and dear friends who came to celebrate the love this couple has for one another. I find myself very engrossed when I am photographing a wedding, this one no different. I get very involved in whats happening in front of me. I am always in awe of the beauty of whats in my cameras view, and most often find myself smiling as I click.  Always a wonderful thing, as I know I captured something really rare and special. A day which will live on forever through my images. Its a beautiful thing.