The Sea Nymph

My friend Amanda might be the perfect model. She moves effortlessly and just the right way. She knows her angles, and knows every motion is critical. I ask my clients almost every time I shoot, "Which side is your good side?" Some look at me with a puzzled face. Some know, and are proud of it. So, lesson for the day...find out your good side. If you have photos scheduled, take a few selfies and figure it out. Even if you dont have a shoot planned, find out anyway. I have been known to take a lot of selfies. Some might think Im incredibly self centered or narcissistic even. However, thats not the case. I do it to study my face, and study the angles of what looks good and what doesnt work. The way the light hits and creates shadows is crucial and can make or break a photo. So maybe Im not all that vain after all, but just doing my homework.  Paying attention to light and its incredible power to make an image amazing or completely ruin it is part of my job. It's all in the angle, and I pay close attention. Its a fine art I think, this photography thing. Moving my camera just a little can make all the difference. So when Im moving around, trying to get a good shot, and possibly it seems odd...its all for good reason.