Bloggers and artists

So I think blogging is kinda cool. If it was invented when I was raising kids I think that would have rocked my world. I think its a great way to document your life and also let loose some creative energy. My emma has a great blog going with hers at and I have met so many creative and inspiring women who have some pretty amazing blogs. Fashion seems to be a big topic for blogs...and even as a little girl I have always been drawn to it. I even read in my middle school yearbook recently that my peers thought I would be some famous clothing designer or style icon or something like that. Me? Really? The girl in the cut offs and flip flops? However, that said, I always thought I wanted to be a fashion illustrator as I truly was an artist.  But then photography and computers sort of took over and illustration became a thing of the past, illustration went away. Designers used illustration, but I wasnt really interested in design per se...I just wanted to draw the figure...the flowy dress, the perfect face, the fingers outstretched perfectly and the legs crossed just the right way. I just wanted to draw fashion. If you go back to the sketchbooks my mother saved over the years you will find books and books of sketches of fashion. Yes, the girl who cant wear heels to save her life likes fashion. So, when these fashion bloggers started calling me to photograph them, guess who was really excited. But i showed up in the cut offs and actually coached them on where to put the perfectly outstretched fingers and the legs crossed perfectly because I had drawn it all before...on a piece of paper. A long time ago.