Its a surprise

This young man contacted me about a surprise photo shoot for his new fiance. See, he was going to propose to her on some lonesome bike path, and wanted me to catch this poetry in motion. There were many texts back and forth as we planned this sneaky spying episode. I pretended to be the average joe walking the path with my giant SLR slung on my wrist. Ya, just wandering this path alone with some big camera taking pictures of some random bush or something. I thought I was sticking out like a sore thumb, but I pulled it off. I spotted them coming around the corner, and knew it was time...then walked towards them as I stuck my nose into their most private business. A random stranger all of a sudden was the person documenting this most wonderful event. She took it well, was gracious as I introduced myself. She blushed and put her hand over her mouth with a big smile hiding behind her fingers. He was on one knee, holding her hand. I wonder if their children will look at these pictures with wonderment. or will say, "mom why is your hair like that?" or "you really wore those clothes?" Ya, I think they will say that. Mine did, but I had to remind them I was cute. They still didnt believe me.