My mermaid bride

i dont think a shoot could go any more perfect than this one. i put together a rustic wild bundle of blooms, then topped it all off with this huge blush flower crown. simply threading these gigantic peruvian roses with heavy wire, then placing on my brides beautiful head was bound to be breathtaking. i was certainly right. when it all came together, i may have even gasped a little before i brought the camera to my eye. maybe even sighed with delight too. yeah, all that happened. you know, its the little things which make me happy. and a special thank you and shout out to my friend deanne at swell beauty who transformed my beauty into a breathtaking mermaid if she had just emerged from the sea. of course her hair and make up flawlessly intact. dee accompanied us to the beach with her make up case, hair spray and perfectionist eye to make these shots all the better. i think i will be bringing her along on more shoots. we just might be a good team.

and needless to say, a picture speaks a thousand words. these may speak millions.