something about the dog.

so ive always had a thing for animals...ive posted before about the story of my mother telling me that i would grow out of my "obsession" after i had children..well, never happened. i just continued to expose my kids to my animal crazy. my children have lived with dogs occupying the house just like one of them, licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher clean, and sharing the bed like a sibling. my unfortunate love of weimaraners continues to this day...i would pick a breed of dog who typically weighs in the 60-70lb range, but of course the beauties i pick are close to the 100lb mark. just my luck. sleeping with a six foot tall, spread out animal with not two but four legs with claws is a challenge. this last one, even has dew claws. needless to say, he sleeps on the floor now, with much protest, of course. his dreamy green eyes beg me every night to be allowed on the bed.

so when i knew this girl had a beautiful chocolate lab, i asked her to include him in the shoot. she said, "are you sure?" (she had no idea who she was talking to-mother dog lover here) . these images turned out perfect...especially the ones with her lab, however when her fiance's auburn retriever joined in the fun, they got that much better. they were good sports when we were barking orders at them to calm down and sit up. good job, kids!