the artist in me.

so ive had this friend for a very long time. we attended college together and knew each other when we were carefree, not a worry in the world teens roaming palos verdes, and hitting the beach in our spare time. we got in trouble together at church and never seemed to be quiet when we were supposed to. college was filled with many experiences of looking at the artistic side of life and comparing illustrations and notes from dr weiss's design class. we enjoyed the same kind of progressive music and i think i sort of turned into a pseudo hippie for those brief months we were on our own and exploring the world, trying to figure out this whole "life" thing. we failed miserably at times, but seemed to come out of it unscathed, and possibly a little better for all the trouble we got into and all the learning we actually did digest. its a miracle, we actually did retain some of that intelligence that was gathered way back when. so, after all these years, hes kept true to the faith, has religiously pursued his art thing, and kept it going. i unfortunately dropped my illustration pursuit and put a guy through law school, raised a bunch of kids and sat here, an unfulfilled starving artist. but the stars lines up correctly, and my creative side has reared its head again, and gotten a much needed recharge. my friend and i are still doing the art thing, he is now painting legendary rock superstars in dramatic black and white, hoping to be famous one day and i get my kicks photographing beautiful people instead of illustrating them. i just think you may see his images around town, and wouldnt it be nice if mine were there too...keep a look out, and say a prayer.