my boy...

hunter holds a special place in my heart. he has been my rock for the past few years, my strong arm to hold on to and my dedicated sole supporter. he has always understood my pain, for some reason, and has always stood solidly behind me, unmoved. he gets the big picture, and is mature beyond belief. possibly my monotonous motherly lectures on integrity and honesty, and "just do the right thing" have reached his soul...or maybe just maybe he was born this way. i think the latter is true. he is the most loyal human being alive. yeah, i said loyal...not too many out there these days. it is a lost art, indeed.

so hes graduating from high school. my sturdy little boy with square feet, cheerful demeanor and nutcracker wide grin is growing up. a real man he has morphed into. very soon i will be saying so long, and another emotional wave will crash in on me. my regular dose of kids coming and going, the revolving door swinging wide and slamming shut. my skin grows a bit thicker with every wave goodbye, i think...the hurt gets pushed aside and buried deep within, finding a secret place to hide. life is funny that way. the sheer joy experienced with your children close by is accompanied with their painful departures. however bittersweet, as all mothers know, these baby butterflies must spread their wings and flutter away on their own. a rite of passage they say, a normal part of growing up...but still a mothers heart will always break a little as her children find their way. im that mother, her heart broken and mended many times over...i buy bandaids in bulk.

so to are a wonderful man. you will make some lucky girl a sweet husband, and very fortunate children a caring father. i could write for days about you, and recount all the great memories we share. ones which will stay with me forever and ever. i will miss you terribly...and the happy noise you bring with you where ever you go, the bright smile as you enter a room, the calm you carry in stressful situations and your strong presence even when you are quiet. but carry on my boy, and light the world on fire, do good things and keep your good character which is so very precious, and which you have worked so hard to build and privileged to be called your mother. the Lord was good to me when He gave you to me, and i thank Him everyday for this blessing i call YOU.