lucky boy.

this newborn shoot was seriously perfect, until we tried to swaddle him tight then put him in a basket... he wasnt having any of that! so then we went to plan b, cradled in his mothers arms. he was happy and they turned out perfect. this little guy with his umbilical cord still attached was a dream to photograph. his coloring is so perfect i hardly had to retouch anything, and the soft overcast light streaming through the window was absolutely amazing. i got some great images, mainly love the ones with his mothers hands in there cradling his sweet toes and head and i might be partial to the newborn smile. i was there at the right time for that one. this is one lucky little boy, born into a loving forever family with 3 darling siblings all ready to love and play with him...what its all about really, and one day he will realize just how fortunate he is.