i have a pretty friend.

who is just as pretty on the inside. shes a sweetheart too, and knows her stuff when it comes to doing hair. she makes me blonde when i am ghostly white. she and emma used to play barbies together, many years ago. they combined their barbie stashes together and made one mother load of barbie stuff. i saved them in a large purple crate for all these years, until hunter got his hands on them and donated them to the haunted hallway at the school, last october. needless to say, the barbies i had been so carefully saving, got mercilessly maimed at the hands of some teenage boys. and i thought ava might have fun playing with them...in about 6 or so years. so much for carting around a big box of unappreciated, well used barbie dolls. i think i was the one who wanted to lay them all out and sort them one by one. maybe reminiscing about a time when my kids were little and times were simple.

but back to my pretty friend...shes simply beautiful.