wild child.

so i knew this darling girl when she was a gangly pre teen. a fun loving, silly trouble maker. she was always the life of the party...the one who would always say, "who me?" with an innocent look and a smile. her big brown eyes were always bright and twinkling...and they still sparkle to this day. maybe even a little brighter now that she has a little cherub to call her own. this sweet bundle of love, fortunate enough to call this glowing bedroom suite her own...shared with charlie, the little white fluff who is cautiously observing this new human who has joined the pack. lucky girl indeed.

so i was thrilled to find my molly very happy in her new role...the most important duty any woman can perform. and she said she has never been happier...but she was still the same quirky little girl i loved way back when...just with a priceless sidekick now.