white wedding.

this poor girl had to come over and be my model again. we filled up two 8GB memory cards with images shot at every angle possible, i think. we tried different lighting, and different settings...different poses. but we had a specific idea in mind...we wanted to get a wedding like, dreamy shot. we had to improvise because we are fresh out of spare wedding dresses. and we know no new brides. (if you know any, will you please send them my way?) so the artist in me awakened...and this was the grand idea...lets use a sheet. yes. a sheet. now this isnt just any regular sheet (im kind of a sheet snob)...its a ralph lauren, 100% cotton, high thread count one...purchased at home goods on clearance (had to throw that in so no one thinks im a big spender). we had this dramatic look in our heads, but we had to get it in front of the camera...which was harder than it seems, but i think in the end, nailed it. and this artist was satisfied.

so thank you liz for being patient with me. youre a trooper.