my thorn named eli.

some more fantastic beach light, especially at three arch bay...the way the sunlight bounces off the ocean or something. not sure the way it happens but it always is unbelievable. however, there is an art to the angle and where you position yourself when you shoot. you gotta get the exact right angle to get it right, so i dont want to give myself away or anything...but shooting at the beach does take a little talent...

so our little group of oddballs ventured to the sand one spring break evening. a special pass we had just for that day, so we took advantage of this gorgeous private beach and even a little bonfire. just glad we brought our personal model pocahontas with us...she made it all worthwhile, even if eli did bother everyone, run into everyone and proceeded to dig holes in inopportune places, strewing sand in faces. he is the proverbial thorn in my side...but unfortunately i have made the commitment, and i take commitments hes mine forever.

i will continue to love him through his confusion and disproportionate awkward long legs...

i think hes impaired or something. 

retarded might be a better word.

but hes an unfortunate rescue from mexico, who never knew his father...thats his excuse.

family dysfunction.

 explains it all.