looking over my shoulder.

ive come to realize as i assemble flowers, that i appreciate everything that particular flower has to offer. i love color (especially dusty lavender-my all time favorite), so dont get me wrong...color is my thing, but i have come to find out its texture which really intrigues me. all of the unique ridges and clusters of orbs, irregular petals along with fantastic symmetrical details which give the flower its flavor...all this music to my ears. funny too, when im assembling, im purposefully loving a haphazard, disheveled arrangement. probably the typical florist might strive for uniformity. but no, i call it beautiful chaos. one that looks thrown together. one that is purposefully lopsided. go figure.

so i shared the love over the weekend. i created an arrangement for a great man who passed way too early. as i put together the arrangement i almost felt as though he was looking over my shoulder. my expression of gratitude for him and his fantastic example translated into the bouquet before me. he was all about service. and quite possibly my very small act was serving him. remembering him. i was there assembling Gods beautiful creations in his honor. i had this same experience with another friend who passed years ago. as i quietly arranged her casket spray, i felt her there with me, appreciating what i was doing. my meager contribution to her memory was not in vain. i know she watched and smiled. and it was good.

so with my visit to the flower mart in carlsbad, i picked up a few other pretties which caught my eye and put together some quickie bouquets for fun. i love going to the mart by myself, early morning and not in a hurry. i hate a deadline. but unfortunately weddings have time restraints...what a drag. i have had dreams (or nightmares) where i forget to put together the wedding flowers, and the bride is asking me where her bouquet is and im standing there empty handed, this panicked look on my face. yes, i have awakened in a cold sweat. kinda like the dreams you have where you forget to take the last class to graduate? yup, ive had those too. but fortunately i have never forgotten a wedding.

see, i am a responsible adult.