it's not easy being green.

green may be the new black. i see so many green bouquets and now succulents are being used in many arrangements. they are a hardy alternative to a perfect blossom. you know, wedding floral has trends. if you look at old wedding photos you can almost tell what era it was just by the flowers. remember the perfectly round bouquets with lots of babys breath? or the huge cascading arrangements chuck full of leatherleaf fern and equally spaced tight roses? not the case, green in in, and a more natural, tossed together look is hip. clusters of open blooms in groups look good, and not so much babys breath as a filler...but babys breath maybe all by itself. 

so i put together a green (well, i couldnt leave out that dusty blue thistle) arrangement...and even added some sprouting willow to the mix. good stuff.