it's a beautiful day.

for a celebration of family...and these folks realize the importance of being there through thick and thin. theyve experienced true heartache, and have been there for one another. i love the spirit they have, always smiling and looking for the positive. i love the devotion this family shows. true blue, good people. some just know how to do it, and do it well. i am grateful terry befriended me when i moved in across the street last summer. we soon realized we were fellow dog lovers. both with crazy canines in our homes. and i even get to babysit her funny australian shepherd girls when they are away. im often asking eli if he wants to go over for a playdate with the "pretty sisters across the street"...he always says yes. duh.

so these beautiful twin sisters (shannan 12 minutes older than terry) made my day...and i didnt even have to strain to get a good shot. this all came together beautifully and naturally. yes, some shoots are easier than others...this one was a dream. a really nice one too.

thank you terry for being the epitome of a good neighbor and friend. not too many out there as sweet as you. lucky me.