forever friends.

i have this one friend whom i love. she and i have known each other for over 20 years, and we can go for days without speaking or seeing each other (she even lives in another state)...and things will always be the same. she loves me unconditionally. as i do her. we forgive and forget. we accept and tolerate. we think the best. we think good thoughts and are sure of the kinship we share. i think thats the key. we have a solid knowledge of the bond we have. there is no doubt...maybe you call that trust. maybe you call that security. its something magical, really. something i cherish. because it is rare.

so these two darlings danced sweetly in front of my camera yesterday. good tender friends. i wanted to share with them how nice it was that they came together, to catch their bond on film. something about a loyal friend that is special...and i think these images speak for that unique click...that trust we all crave.