m is for marvelous.

ive known this sweet woman for years. always a big smile on her face and a warm hug always available. the optimism and goodwill which oozes from her is contagious. she used to teach dane sunday school, and i was always in awe when he'd come home with these beautiful notebooks filled with creative lessons and all sorts of valuable information she had slaved over. her efforts were always much appreciated, but mostly envied. i secretly wished i had her ambition. when i grow up, i want to be her.  

she texted me about a family shoot, and i was excited, but more excited when she showed up with her handsome children and even more adorable grandchildren. then this redheaded beauty emerged from the car. i smiled. pierced my heart in more ways than one. and when i photographed this little girl, i saw my little girl in the frame...flashback 15 years or so ago...oh time flies, and oh my love for that certain redhead of mine is etched on my soul never to be erased. and that makes me glad.