i would teach my feet to fly.

if there is such a thing as a best friend, this is it.

this is my special friend. this beautiful bird finally found her forever soulmate, and in the process so perfectly found herself. i keep waiting for this to happen to me, but my turn hasnt come yet. im still the one at the back of the line, with a smile on my face, of course. 

they arrived from utah on a thursday evening, and we immediately jumped into this "wedding weekend". we ate too much mexican food, wandered around thrift stores, consumed delicious sweets, had our feet rubbed and toes polished, picked out flowers for her bouquet and visited the beach with beautiful 85 degree weather following us the whole way. even though i was this oddball 5th wheel during this said weekend of wedding, i was the important one following these two around like a misplaced dog. i ended up being the minister of sorts who sealed the deal. yes, you heard me right. and yes, you only live once, kids. i am a one stop wedding shop. flowers, photography and now even have the authority to cement the whole thing in stone. but we can talk about all of that in a later post...i know, i know, i can hear the gasps now. its time to start livin, people. its time.

so back to my bird...she has taught me many things throughout our 25 year or so journey, our salt and pepper (shes pepper, im salt, if you didnt catch that) experiences have been many. too many specifics to go into detail, but one thing which stands out is her unmovable loyalty. a devotion so sacred and valued, and quite honestly something so rare. i appreciate her person, and the optimistic, forthright and simple woman she has become. my true friend. maybe she was this way all along, and i neglected to see it. or maybe i have just grown up, and realized what is truly important. ive realized we all trek through this journey in search of a certain happiness, a certain peace. she has found this pool of shimmering bliss...and has shared her quiet secrets with me. and you know what the secret is? be good, be kind, be yourself, treat others well and best of all, live your life the way YOU choose. dont feel guilt or regret...because when its all said and done, we get sent to where we belong. and you ask why? because we know a just God...who knows us personally and knows who we really are, even if we are entangled in this chaos called life. so im grateful i have her in my life, and now get her handsome trusty sidekick who is quite handy with a hammer included in the beautiful package. i better get my "honey do" list goin, as i think he may be obligated to me for awhile, however he did buy me the coolest vintage beach basket at the consignment store on del mar. i may owe him, come to think of it.

so i will be the trusty 5th wheel in this scenario, and continue to savor the sweetness of true friendship and girlfriend love, and appreciate this gift...just as long as i can still sit next to my bird, and share her entree.