Less is More

I go back and forth in my mind about weddings often, wrestling with different ideas I may have. Thinking of new ways to do this or that. Maybe try and improve on the way I frame a photograph or design a wedding layout and scouring Pinterest and wedding blogs daily.  Sometimes I think the more ga ga and over the top the better...the more attention to detail, and more money spent obviously means more spectacular...and the more trouble you go to and headache you have at the end of the day must mean youre gonna have a better shin dig. I have been blown away by super high end weddings where money isnt an object and nothing has been spared. Some have months and months to plan. I have seen it all.

I was contacted about  photographing this wedding, by a cute couple who were a tad seasoned and knew exactly what they wanted for their special day. The more I talked to the couple the more I liked their vision and what they wanted to do. Maybe they had done this before and knew the ropes, or maybe they were just smart. The wedding party was limited to very close friends and family, and the focus was truly about enjoying every minute of this San Clemente, California celebration. The couple flew in from Missouri, but had vacationed in San Clemente before so they knew they wanted to tie the knot here. I put together a first look of sorts, and had the groom turn around to see his lovely bride for the first time in white as she walked down the beach and tapped him on the shoulder. The wedding party then gathered for a late lunch on the pier dining on crab legs and anything seafood at the quaint restaurant with a killer view on the pier. Very appropriate for this summer ceremony on the shores of Southern California on a beautiful balmy day. The beautiful loose florals were put together by friends and the girls all wore flower crowns in a neutral blush. A simple ceremony against the backdrop of the ocean became a breathtaking picture for a sweet exchange of vows. Not much else was needed, except the scattering of a few blankets and pillows and a few flowers poked in the sand with shepherds crooks. After it was all over, cleanup was a breeze, quite literally, and everyone was free to continue the party without any worry about much of anything else. They ventured up into the nearby downtown area of San Clemente and landed in another restaurant for more fun...and celebration.

This might have been the perfect wedding. There was not much preparation, expense and especially no clean up. No dirty dishes, chairs and tables to return, cake mess to clean up or expensive floral centerpieces to throw in the trash. It might have been genius, and all of my visions of shi shi weddings might have gone out the window as I experienced first hand the beauty of simple. So maybe its true...less is more.